Introducing Date Invite

We are an invitation only dating app, all users on our app are encourage to meet face-to-face for dates.

Face to face dating

Our dating app is the first to encourage invitations from the very beginning, bringing people together from the get-go.

After getting an invitation, we recommend that all our members meet up for a coffee, a drink or a dinner in a public place.

No long and extensive questionnaires to create a profile.

This new concept that everything about you should be written on a profile is not ideal to find true love. Here at Date Invite we believe that questions like: What type of movies you like, if you do any type of sports, what is your profession etc… should be asked face-to-face over a coffee, a drink or a dinner.

Chat with authenticated people - No fake profiles!

Date Invite does things differently than any other dating app out there today, because we make video central to our user’s experience. With Date Invite, all users must upload a video selfie to their profile first, before they have the ability to message each other via text. This authenticates all users and eliminates contacts from users using doctored, fake or old photos of themselves.

Video is becoming increasingly popular with a wide variety of social media platforms and we believe that we should make it an integral part of our users experience. It makes the online dating experience much more dynamic, interactive and safer to our users.

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